CLÍNICA ADLER · Orthopedic clinic specialized in knee surgery

Clínica Adler is an orthopedic clinic specialized in knee surgery in Valencia. It is formed by Dr. Agustin Serrano Olaizola and Dr. Marco Strauch Leira, both with a long professional career specializing in surgical treatments of degenerative and sport pathologies of the knee.


Leaders in knee surgery

We use advanced technology in knee replacement surgery for patients who have knee osteoarthritis. Moreover, we are experts in treating patients who have already undergone a knee replacement but remain unsatisfied.


Patient care

Clínica Adler offers its patients a personalized and close treatment, providing assistance during the whole process.

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Office hours:

Every Monday from 16:00 to 21:00
*If required, some arrangements can be made to adjust our timetable to your needs; ask about this option when requesting an appointment


Latest generation technology

Technological forefront

Clínica Adler offers the most advanced surgical techniques and technology in the sector. We provide you with the latest advances to improve the precision of surgical knee interventions

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Close to the patient

Personalized care

Our professionals offer a personalized and close treatment. We provide assistance during the whole process, by reaching a precise diagnosis for every case and giving the best solution.

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Our patients


Patient’s space and news

In this space we give our patients the opportunity to ask us questions. We also publish news and information related to knee pathologies.

metaphyseal sleeves

Porous-coated metaphyseal sleeves provide stable fixation in the revision total knee arthroplasty.

Jun 05, 18

A recent study by Catherine J. Fedorka, published May 2018 in the KSSTA scientific journal, confirms the suitability of the use of metaphyseal sleeves in ...

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