Will a knee prosthesis set off airport metal detectors?

As security measures at airports have intensified and screening devices have become more sophisticated, those who have undergone knee replacement surgery (or other joint replacement surgery, such the hip) might probably face to the inconvenience of setting off the alarm of the airport, and therefore, to be the subject of a more detailed interrogation and screening by the security staff of the airport. This may include being taken to a separate area, where they may even be forced to show the surgical scar to demonstrate the operation. Apart from the loss of time involved, this inspection can be demeaning to some people.

From Aena it is indicated that passengers wearing metal prostheses should indicate their special condition to the security staff before going through the metal detector, so that they can be inspected with an alternative procedure.

At the Clínica Adler, in Valencia, we recommend the patient with a knee prosthesis to carry a medical document that proves it. Do not hesitate to ask us for a medical report, written in Spanish and English, about your condition,or an implant identification card.

The presentation of this type of document before going through the metal detector  helps to avoid a more detailed examination, and therefore avoids inconvenience to the traveler and improves the efficiency of security at airports.

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