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Clínica Adler is an orthopedic clinic specialized in knee surgery in Valencia. It is formed by Dr. Agustin Serrano Olaizola, Dr. Jorge Monfort Arroyo and Dr. Miguel Masiá Massoni, all of them with a long professional career specialized in surgical treatments of degenerative and sport pathology of the knee.

The long career of both doctors, the use of advanced technology as well as the facilities of Hospital IMED in Valencia, provided with modern medical equipment and comfortable rooms, make Clínica Adler leader in knee surgery in Spain.

In Clinica Adler we offer the best technology for the care of our patients

We use advanced technology in knee replacement surgery for patients who have knee osteoarthritis. Moreover, we are experts in treating patients who have already undergone a knee replacement but remain unsatisfied

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Brainlab is worldwide leader in neurosurgery and orthopedics navigation


In order to achieve the optimal result in a knee replacement it is essential to correct the leg axis, to place the implant accurately and to adapt its position to get the most balanced joint possible. For this purpose, it is indispensable to calculate the joint gaps with high precision. The navigation system measures at an accuracy of 0.5 mm and 0.5º and so it far exceeds the ability of a conventional surgery. This way, we improve the clinical result of the prosthesis and make the implant more durable.

Dr. Marco Strauch, former member of the first team of Clínica Adler, was part of the international medical team involved in the development of the current Brainlab’s Knee3 navigation system, which integrates dynamic analysis of the knee and calculation of implant data. Current team members worked closely with him over the last years, receiving first-hand instruction on the navigation system.  A continuous and close collaboration with the world leader in navigation allows us to be at the forefront of the innovation and technological advances. This Knee3 system we use at Clinica Adler was the first one in Spain, and at the present time it is still one of the few available in the country.



Today’s active patients demand a natural feeling knee, making precise alignment and individual soft tissue balancing essential in total knee arthroplasty. KNEE3 is a smart imageless navigation software from Brainlab that visualizes and summarizes the complex interaction between 3D-kinematics, joint stability and implant alignment. KNEE3 is designed to seamlessly fit the surgeon’s technique, quickly assessing cutting block position and simplifying soft tissue management.

  • Visualizes crucial information to analyze and control the prospective clinical outcome prior to any bone resections
  • Automatically follows surgical steps without touching the monitor during surgery
  • Flexible features include pinless measured resection to full gap balancing techniques
  • Displays X-Rays and templated plans during navigation


  • The Joint Stability Graph offers a new paradigm to assess joint stability and manage gap balancing in total knee arthroplasty. KNEE3 continuously calculates the resulting joint gaps based on the maximum knee joint mobility and 3D implant geometries. The Joint Stability Graph helps to identify malalignment, instabilities, contractures, and compartment tightness at one glance. While positioning cutting blocks for each respective cut, the surgeon can thereby safely preview the resection’s impact and control the resulting joint stability.
    Characterizes the knee disease state and predicts the final result
  • Displays gaps through full range of motion based on cutting block position and 3D implant geometries
  • Detects even mid-flexion instabilities
  • Supports decision-making to help ensure the right treatment


KNEE3 provides two options for pinless navigation of knee arthroplasty. The Adjustable Cutting Block from Brainlab allows for live navigation of the distal femoral cut without additional pin placement. The cutting block is placed on the bone with an easy-to-use template and contains adjustment dials to quickly set flexion/extension, varus/valgus, and distal resection while viewing live alignment on the navigation screen. The second option, KNEE3 Express, can be used with conventional instruments and allows for verification of the cutting block position and final cut results without pins. Quick three step registration adds virtually no time to the procedure.

  • Pinless verification of cutting block position and resection outcome
  • Pinless live navigation of femur with Adjustable Cutting Block
  • Compatible with existing conventional instrumentation
  • Minimal impact on surgical procedure and time
  • Allows for software guidance during revision surgeries


Navigation systems collect detailed data on knee arthroplasty, including the disease state, cut positions, and final corrected outcome. Aggregating and presenting this data can improve communication with patients and enable advanced research. At the end of each procedure, KNEE3 automatically generates patient reports and case data that can be synchronized with Quentry, the secure cloud-based medical image sharing, analytics, and collaboration platform from Brainlab.

  • Patient-friendly case reports help educate and engage patients about their software-guided surgery
  • KNEE3 automatically generates screenshots and case data that can be easily imported into presentations and spreadsheets
  • Synchronize to Quentry for cloud access to all screenshots and metadata from navigated cases

Why Clínica Adler?


We provide assistance to our patients during the whole process, and we find the best treatment according to their circumstances


Our medical team’s wide and well-known experience is our best guarantee


We use cutting-edge technological equipment and state-of-the-art techniques for the care of our patients

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