Return to sports after a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

A common question in athletes who undergo a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament is when they will  return to their usual sports practice. At the Clínica Adler, orthopedics clinic in Valencia,  we recommend not to resume the practice of a high-intensity demanding sport until at least eight months after the surgical intervention, although in some circumstances it can be restarted after six months. During this period it is recommended to follow a physiotherapy protocol with controlled and progressive physical activity.

A recent medical paper published in January of this year shows a study by Magnetic Resonance of the evolution of the hamstring graft used for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. Six months after surgery, the graft does not show the same MRI signal intensity compared to a healthy ACL,  and therefore should not be considered fully healed, even if clinical laxity measurement provides good results.
At the Adler Clinic we are attentive to the latest scientific studies related to our specialty. In this case, the conclusion of the study confirms our usual recommendation regarding the restart of a demanding sports activity.